​No matter how well-functioning a company is, there are people working in it.

And people can be the unknown factor.

Just like a manufacturing company, where process leaders examine where the machinery can be lubricated, adjusted, and perhaps have some parts replaced, or added small expansions for optimization, one should also do the same with well-being and prevention, thereby optimizing work processes for employees.

As a consultant in workplace well-being, I can contribute with a wide range of skills and solutions to improve the work environment and employee well-being.

Both at the leadership level and for other employees.

Regardless of industry and educational level.​​


Is there a requirement for ESG in your company? Or are you preparing for it?

I particularly assist with the 'S' in ESG, which focuses on the social aspects relevant to a company.

The 'S' encompasses, among other things, how well the company retains employees and creates a positive work environment with a focus on reducing sick leave and enhancing well-being.

It can also involve the extent to which the company recruits diversely and strengthens equality and inclusion.

My expertise lies in enhancing employee well-being while simultaneously helping promote openness about diversity and inclusion, thereby fostering psychological safety in the workplace.

Read feedback from an American company regarding my approach to human differences here.

Read feedback from a Danish company here.


Employees also include leaders. Often, leaders are the last to be asked, "How are you really doing?" Many leaders don't even get around to asking themselves the question.

I also assist with aspects of the company culture and leadership conditions, part of the 'G,' in ESG.

A consulting process will, therefore, not only visibly strengthen employee satisfaction in well-being surveys but will also contribute to meeting ESG requirements for the company as a whole.​​


My work is particularly focused on strengthening the following aspects in the workplace.

Mental health and stress management: I specialize in incorporating already well-developed, evidence-based programs and foundations for workshops that address mental health and stress management. I then tailor these to the specific needs of each company and employee group.

Leadership coaching and development: I create a confidential space for leaders. Shoulders visibly relax after each 1:1 session, and my 5,000 sessions in recent years, particularly with leaders, owner-managers, and middle managers, form a solid foundation for helping strengthen their abilities to support employee well-being, create a positive work culture, and handle challenges in an even more constructive manner. But most importantly, to get a good grip on themselves as well.

This includes group presentations, workshops, tailored programs with groups, 1:1 sessions, and more - covering areas like stress management tools that help foster a culture promoting a healthy balance in everyday life.

I also have a wide range of approaches and collaborators, allowing us to address any issue from different perspectives and with various methods. If you've heard of the Pathfinder program, you have an idea of what I'm talking about.

The benefits of having me as a consultant are that we tailor modules together at times and to the extent that suits the company.

And I come to you. You don't have to fit into a program somewhere - and we incorporate local community initiatives to the extent that makes sense.​​


My specialized approach and educational background enable me to help employees return to well-being regardless of the reason for their sick leave.

Whether it's stress, family illness, bereavement, depression, or anything else.

I have extensive experience in assisting employees one-on-one, either in person or online, and I conduct sessions with employees all over the world. For company references, please contact me.​


We start with an informal conversation about your needs. My confidentiality applies from this point onward.

I subsequently provide input on the immediate scope of the need - I know what to listen for - where it's a good idea to start and why, the timeframe, the financial aspect, and setting desired goals.

Throughout the process, adjustments are made as needed.

Because we delve deeply into a consultancy process within the company, underlying structures and "unhealthiness" are often discovered, either in individuals or in dynamics, which I can bring to light and address in tailored workshops, among other methods. Sometimes, it's of a delicate nature, such as personality disorders, gaslighting, or other issues. You can read about gaslighting in the workplace here.

For references to companies where the above has occurred and where I, as a consultant, have helped uncover issues, feel free to contact me for phone numbers.​


The following is an effective way to prepare a presentation on a potentially vulnerable topic such as stress and burnout among leaders.

The method works when there are also announced sessions with the leaders on a one-on-one basis. This lets them know that there is a confidential space where the challenges of their work function, scheduling, need for tools, and desire for a changed approach can be addressed.

The following questions are sent out to participants in advance. Participants select the top 3 that resonate most with where they are. They also add anything they would like to know/discuss. They send these responses to the facilitator who compiles the answers ANONYMOUSLY.

I then come in and highlight and elaborate particularly on the top-scoring questions:

When everyone in the room knows that the top-scoring questions have been selected, they also know that they are not alone in facing those issues.


How do you recognize early signs of stress and burnout in yourself?

How do you avoid losing enthusiasm?

How do you use your network constructively?

How do you handle feelings of responsibility towards the company and employees?

When are you finished with your tasks?

How and when do you take breaks as a self-employed/leader?

How do you recognize if you are the bottleneck in the company?


This technique can be used at all levels of management in all industries - call or write to me, and I'll come out for a cup of coffee and a chat about how I can help you address the difficult issues.

Read feedback on my presentations and workshops here.​


Are you receiving good feedback on well-being surveys? What is the response rate? Are you delving deep into your questions and thus getting useful answers? Are the leaders equipped to use the responses? Do they take the time to reflect on them?

My approach to well-being surveys is based on helping to spotlight what can be adjusted in the already existing analyses and well-being surveys, to better identify areas where employees feel challenged or dissatisfied.

This creates a more fact-based foundation for implementing targeted improvements.

Remember that we are often the last to acknowledge that we are stressed. We need to overcome this trap, and I can help with that.

Read feedback from a client here (in Danish).​


If well-being surveys indicate a lack of psychological safety, well-being, trust, or other issues, help is available from me.

External health schemes can alleviate many issues, but often there is great value in bringing in an external consultant to the company for a period. Likewise, there isn't always chemistry between employees and the assigned therapist through the health scheme.

Furthermore, when using psychologists, they have journal and disclosure obligations. As a cognitive psychotherapist, I do not. Therefore, the space is 100% confidential, and for this reason, I am used by general practitioners, psychologists, etc., who do not wish to keep records about themselves.

My educational background enables me to address and process any issues, regardless of the problem. Read about my background here.

Another advantage:

Once employees have met me for a presentation, workshop, or in the corridors of the company, I am not "scary" to talk to.

When they know that there is an opportunity for confidential one-on-one discussions, where all issues can be discussed, and workshops are held based on and tailored directly to the needs of that company, it provides the psychological safety that allows deeper issues to be addressed "for free" - because there is someone who, in collaboration with the company, pulls the threads on the whole shebang - the consultant.

Get in touch with me, and we'll also grab a coffee - call me at 71758126 or write to me here.​

✓ Member of the Danish Psychotherapist association

✓ More than 6.000 individual sessions  

✓ 24+ years experience in professional communication


by Mette B.​ Lorenzen

​Cognitive Psychotherapist MPF


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