testimonial from IDEXX

"As a market leading company with ambitious targets and where the only constant is change stress is not only very present but also a high priority focus for us to address.
Over the last few years tons of resources have been put into analyzing reasons for stress and projects have been initiated to reduce the number of stress factors, optimizing work processes etc.
And we have seen positive results from this, but we always aim to find ways to address this important topic even better.

Enter Mette!

Mette brings a new angle to handling stress to the table. As it is borderline impossible to remove all stress factors in your daily work life Mette brings focus to understanding stress and providing tools to manage how you can influence how you let stress impact you.
Mette delivers a unique combination of evidence-based facts presented in a very digestible way spiced up with pictures from her great little book “Frøen i gryden”.
But more importantly all this is served with a solid foundation based on own experience as well as an abundance of empathy and understanding of how different we all are as people.

Our entire Nordic team was engaged 100% - both through the insightful sessions and through the various break-out sessions lead by Mette.

Comments like “OMG – this is scary shit!”, “This is good…This is really, really good!”, “When did she gain access to my brain?” and “I think I’m a little bit in love with her” speak for themselves.

So, if you (like most of us) deal with various degrees of stress in your team or organization, we can only highly recommend Mette.
And if you’ve never had any issues with stress in your team, I have an article on Denial that might interest you 😊"

Jan Thilkjer Eriksen

FSR Manager Nordics, IDEXX Nordics​

Anna-Carin Lagerlöf

Country Manager Nordics,IDEXX Nordics​

✓ Member of the Danish Psychotherapist association

✓ More than 6.000 individual sessions  

✓ 24+ years experience in professional communication


by Mette B.​ Lorenzen

​Cognitive Psychotherapist MPF


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Mobile: +45 71 75 81 26​

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