the frog in the pot


From the back of the book:

If you are worried about whether you have stress, it can be an additional stressor to start reading about it - but all the terrible stuff is not included in this book.

This book about stress is a little eye-opener that almost freely massages new thought patterns and habits into the everyday life that whips by, whether you feel like you can keep up or not.

The book is based on the third wave of cognitive behavioral therapy, which includes Compassion Focused Therapy, Mindfulness, and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT). The core philosophy is mainly influenced by Jon Kabat-Zinn and Paul Gilbert.

In the book, evidence-based theories are translated into drawings and imagery, spiced with quotes that can be actively used starting from today.

The book about stress is intended for everyone - high or low, young or old - who might want to optimize their everyday life and avoid becoming the frog in the pot. There are no tasks in the book; everything is offered, and you can start wherever you want.​​


Have you heard about the frog in the pot? If you put a live frog into a pot of boiling water, it will jump out immediately - it doesn't want to stay there! 

But if you place a frog in a pot of cold water and slowly heat the water until it boils - the frog will remain sitting. It doesn't realize that it's being boiled.

The same goes for stress. Often, you are the last person to notice that something is wrong. 

My book, "The Frog in the Pot," aims to help you become aware of it and recognize the signs of stress before it becomes overwhelming.

Example from the book:​

"What new tasks are you creating for yourself?"

If you're sitting at the computer and out of the corner of your eye, you see your neighbor trimming the hedge, and you think, 'I should do that too!' and get up to do it, then know that:

When you don't finish the current task, it remains open inside you, leaving behind red traces. It draws on your energy for the next task.

Before starting a task, feel free to ask yourself:

Is this something that needs to be done by me?

Is this something I need to do right now?"


Do you leave one task to start a new?

the book will soon be in english!

My readers say:​

"​Just finished reading this incredibly well-written book, where you are invited into a world that helps everyone with the challenges we may face individually. And surely, we all can relate to some of the issues described. The book is vividly depicted with the most fantastic illustrations. It becomes a real page-turner; you just have to learn more.

The mirror is with you along the way, and personal traits, behaviors, and dynamics are recognized all too well.

Really well done, Mette Balslev, and congratulations. I will definitely recommend the book and have already bought several copies as gifts."

Psychotherapist, posted on Facebook

"As the author Mette Balslev herself writes: 'The more stressed you are, the less you can accommodate reading and acquiring new knowledge. And she truly meets the stressed reader there. The author does this quite effectively throughout the entire book."

The Danish Psychological Association

"My talented stress coach has written the loveliest book. It was waiting outside my front door when I got up this morning. Mette is a cognitive therapist.

The book precisely describes what she teaches me when I sit across from her, and she fills me with hope that everything will be okay. 'Eva, stress is just an imbalance,' she soothingly says, explaining the reasons behind it. What happens in your body when cortisol and adrenaline rush in your blood. And, most importantly, what to do to produce the good oxytocin.

The book is so wonderful when you forget which direction you should go - and you do forget because habits are hard to break. Thank you, Mette - you have made a tremendous difference for me!"

Client, posted on Instagram

​”"The book is so relatable and relevant to me that it's probably the best purchase I've ever made.

Currently, I am on sick leave due to stress - but your book is going to make a difference.

Thank you for that."

Female reader in an email

"The book is written for laypeople, individuals experiencing stress symptoms, or perhaps just people in our fast-paced achievement-oriented society.

It is not a technical book, but as a professional working with those affected by stress, one can find inspiration in the book's accessibility and easily digestible manner."

The Danish Psychological Association

"Today, I read The Frog in the Pot. A super simple and straightforward self-help book with many valuable tools.

If I were to fall into the pot again, this book is super easy to access, and the tools are right there to use."

Reader, posted on Instagram.

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by Mette B.​ Lorenzen

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