Stress prevention


Stress has significant human costs for the affected employee.

It also affects your company's bottom line. That is well known by everyone nowadays.

In addition to the visible costs of an employee on sick leave, there are also hidden costs. For example:

  • Acute handling of the sick employee's clients and cases, resulting in other clients having to wait
  • Risk of "contagion" as other employees become overloaded
  • Recruitment and training of a substitute
  • Your own increased concerns as the manager of it all

The human costs are too high for all parties involved.

​I assist leaders and employees with tools to eliminate and prevent stress.

We live in a time where people are dropping like flies. I want to contribute to stopping that downward spiral.

I have been there myself, and the costs are too high.​

​do you have employees on sick leave?

When someone is on sick leave due to stress, they are often not given clear instructions on how to recover. Even brochures from doctors can be overwhelming.

Please write or call me to learn more about stress relief for employees on sick leave on a one-on-one basis. I help employees online in Danish and English.


Most of us experience periods of stress, and we can usually handle it. However, persistent busyness can develop into full-blown stress.

Spotting early signs of stress in an employee can be challenging. But there is a financial advantage in being able to do so and knowing how to address it.

For an employee experiencing stress, the consequences can include narrowed thinking, poor sleep, and lack of concentration. As a colleague or manager, you may notice the employee becoming more sensitive, short-tempered, or evasive.

The employee may also start withdrawing from colleagues and social interactions, such as small talk during breaks or participating in social events.

The implications for the workplace can be that the employee:

  • Forgets appointments and fails to respond to emails
  • Fails to complete specific tasks
  • Makes more small and significant mistakes
  • Attempts to cover up and hide delays
  • Takes longer to complete tasks
  • Becomes irritable and may inadvertently take it out on customers
  • Begins to have more sick leave

All of this leads to lower efficiency and poorer business performance, in addition to the human consequences for the individual employee and for you as the business owner.

"Isn't it the employees' responsibility to ensure their own well-being?"

Stress it the theme, but it's also about overall well-being.

It may not be work itself that causes stress, but it's certain that it will affect work:

We go to work as whole individuals.

Therefore, as companies, we must acknowledge that when there is illness, death, someone has been laid off, or personal struggles within a family, it is carried into the workplace.

Family cannot be put on sick leave.

We are part of our families, for better or worse. And for many people, being able to go to work during a period of family crisis can provide a respite.

It brings normalization and consequently, resilience.

However, if one cannot feel acknowledged or believe they can come to work as a whole person, even if they may be struggling for a period, they often become stressed and end up on sick leave.

Hence, both the company and the individual pay the price.

Therefore, stress prevention is not solely a matter of workload. It is about overall well-being.

do you have a plan before stress hits?

Get ahead in line and ensure access to qualified help. With a workshop led by me, you take a proactive and collaborative approach to your employees and, consequently, your company.

In my presentations and workshops, I have removed all the dreadful aspects of stress and instead provide evidence-based explanations of what happens within us when we are affected by stress and why even the strongest individuals can be impacted - all presented in a language that everyone can understand, with a touch of humor.

Read feedback from my clients here.

“It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations, if you live near him”​

J.R.R. Tolkien​

No industries can claim immunity from stress. Neither leaders nor employees can consider themselves immune to the risk of experiencing stress. It is one of the biggest obstacles I encounter - people often think:

"It won't happen to me."

Let me be the plan even before stress arrives. Prevention costs less for everyone.

what kind of WORKSHOP does your company need?

BRONZE - 2 hours

“"We don't currently have stressed employees, but we understand the importance of keeping the machinery well-oiled to ensure its continued smooth operation, which is why we prioritize stress prevention."

  • Stress understanding and prevention in a language that is accessible to everyone
  • Practical knowledge and specific action possibilities that can be implemented right away
  • The presenter's personal experiences and knowledge of stress serve as a reference and framework for understanding
  • Participants are engaged in reflections and small exercises throughout the presentation

SiLVer -  3 hours

"We have some employees with more frequent short sick leaves than desired, and there are suspicions of stress among some, which is causing some concern."

  • Stress prevention presentation similar to the Bronze package
  • Group discussion exercise with a choice between two models:
  • A: Exercise focused on enhancing group dynamics, cohesion, and well-being within the team
  • B: Group dialogue based on cue cards discussing points of attention regarding stressors in everyday life
  • A joint presentation with a focus on examples of initiatives and measures taken by other companies

GoLD - 4 hours

"We have experienced stressed employees and would very much like to optimize the functioning of our organization."

  • Stress prevention presentation similar to the Bronze package.
  • Group discussion exercise with a choice between two models as in the Silver package.
  • A joint presentation with a focus on examples of initiatives and measures taken by other companies
  • Groupwork, discussion and selection of simple, executable focus areas for the company
  • Common voting and selection
  • An overall plan for execution and implementation.

​FAQ On workshops and additional purchase:​

"Are we guaranteed to be stress-free as a company afterward?"

​Stress is triggered by various factors that are related both to the overall structure and the individual. I don't come in and make major organizational changes in such a short time. 

Instead, I provide frameworks of understanding, tools, and suggestions for changes and adjustments that both individuals and workplaces can implement and use immediately. 

This way, everyone experiences specific action possibilities and increased well-being right away.

"How do you support employees and leaders afterward?"

Once I have conducted a workshop on stress prevention at your company, you can also get quick assistance when an employee is not thriving.

Many companies offer their employees the option to engage in individual sessions with me because they have already established a connection with me during the workshop and experienced the effectiveness and seriousness of the approach. My background as a cognitive psychotherapist enables me to address any issues that hinder workability in a one-on-one setting.

"What does the one-on-one approach entail?"

I am ready to help uncover the issues, assess their scope, and contribute with the tools for a solution. 

When I assist employees and leaders on a one-on-one basis, the entire toolbox is available, including elements from various approaches such as coaching, business coaching, supervision, cognitive therapy, mindfulness, NADA-acupuncture, stress prevention, stress treatment, anxiety treatment, personal development, and more.

are you considering a talk or workshop ?

​The toolbox and experience in stress prevention are extensive - that's why I can tailor each presentation specifically to the needs of the company and the industry.

I provide both leaders and employees with knowledge and practical, down-to-earth tools that each of you can use immediately, without any extra effort, as I have simplified it for you.

I help many employees and leaders in companies, even after my workshops, and I recommend that my assistance in the company begins with a collective presentation on stress prevention and tools.

When that becomes the starting point, it gives you a common understanding and a shared language about stress throughout the company.

Stress prevention is a serious topic, but I present it in an understandable language that everyone can grasp.

Illustrations and explanations from my cognitive stress book are included as vivid elements.


Do you have questions? Or would you like a non-binding offer for a presentation or workshop in your company? 

Perhaps you could use a conversation about stress yourself?

Write me through the contact form here. I look forward to assisting you as well.

​Read what my other customers say about my talks and workshops here.​


Since 2014, I have been helping individuals affected by stress find their way back on track through therapy, coaching, teaching, and supervision.

I have conducted over 5.000 sessions with stress-affected owner-managers, psychologists, general practitioners, leaders, individuals, students, and more.

I have witnessed how things can go wrong - and how terribly wrong they can go - when people are hit by stress. Along the way in my professional life, I have also experienced it myself.

Therefore, I have now compiled all my knowledge and tools and created something that many others overlook: The connecting point.

​The connecting point between being afraid to acquire knowledge because everywhere it's stated how terrible stress is, and the ability to become wiser about stress and thereby regain control.

Without fear and stress about getting rid of stress.

I convey stress prevention with creativity, imagery, and humor. In a language that everyone can understand.

Read what my clients say here and contact me here.

✓ Member of the Danish Psychotherapist association

✓ More than 6.000 individual sessions  

✓ 24+ years experience in professional communication


by Mette B.​ Lorenzen

​Cognitive Psychotherapist MPF


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