testemonial from Umbraco

As an open source project, we at Umbraco are not just a company but we work closely
with an engaged and global community. 

We invite those on our community teams to spend time with us at HQ in Odense and they join us from all over the world. The US, Europe, Australia... The list goes on.

We invited Mette to create a workshop especially for this team and were delighted with what she created and delivered. 

Given the very specific nature of the attendees - people from a range of backgrounds, disciplines and who have no daily working relationship with, it was quite a challenge!

Mette delivered an engaging, thought provoking and incredibly helpful session that appealed to each of them and met them where they were at. We had incredible feedback from the participants and those from our teams who took part too are still talking about the things we learned from her.

Managing remote teams in a post-covid landscape, and volunteer teams at that, is incredibly challenging and we were so happy to be able to enlist Mette's help in that. 

She improved their connection with eachother and thus their ability to collaborate, their connection to HQ and helped us to show them that their work is valued and most fruitful when they show up as themselves. 

Thank you so much, Mette.

Emma Burstow,
Director of Developer Relations

Umbraco A/S​​

✓ Member of the Danish Psychotherapist association

✓ More than 6.000 individual sessions  

✓ 24+ years experience in professional communication


by Mette B.​ Lorenzen

​Cognitive Psychotherapist MPF


Contact information​:


Mobile: +45 71 75 81 26​

CVR: 35916202​